Site Builder features

Site Builder uses IU branded templates to build each page of your site. The following image and accompanying table explain the features you can control and choose with Site Builder.

Site Builder Features

Field Name Description
1 - Customizable Campus Logo                                                                   Choose which campus your site belongs to and apply the appropriate branding bar image.
2 - Customizable Top Navigation Add your own custom links to the gray band above the banner image.
3 - Main Navigation This navigation is both generated by the WCMS and customizable. The main navigation links are automatically generated by the WCMS. The links below the main navigation area can be created by the site manager in the site configuration file.
4 - Breadcrumb Navigation

The Breadcrumb navigation is generated by the WCMS and is based on the folder structure of your site.

5 - Main Content Region This is where the main content will appear.
6 - Feature Boxes

The feature boxes are optionally available to call attention to specific pieces of information. They can be site-wide or specific to each page.

7 - Title and Site Logo The title/logo section can contain only a site title, or it can also include a site logo that is chosen by the site manager.
8 - Banner Image

The banner image can be selected from some stock images included with the site builder, or you can create your own. The banners come in three sizes: tall, short, and full (shown).

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