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Decision maker

Beth Van Gordon - Regional Campus CIO for IU Kokomo & IU Northwest

A decision maker may be a technical or non-technical manager of resources who is considering adopting IU’s WCMS for web site and content management. In some organizations decision makers oversee  resources dedicated to both information technology and marketing.  In other organizations multiple decision makers may be involved in the process of deciding wether or not to use the WCMS.  A decision maker is ultimately responsible for the IU content and message when published to the web.


  • Integrated with ADS security
  • No fees for service, accounts, or tools to use WCMS
  • Publishing to webserve is an option, making maintaining individual web servers unnecessary
  • IU Site Builder complies with IU visual identity guidelines
  • Gives non-technical users easy access to contribute to the web site without knowledge of HTML
  • Puts content creation, editing, and maintenance into the hands of the subject matter experts
  • Allows webmasters and designers to focus on site creation, maintenance, and design
  • Workflows ensure content changes are made, approved, and published by the right people
  • Versioning and auditing features allow easy tracking of change history
  • Centrally supported by UITS
  • Training available through IT Training

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