Q: Our site uses “.shtml” file extensions to use server side includes. If we decide to use Site Builder, could we create  pages so our redesigned site would have the same result -sections of the page  are "pre-loaded" and consistent from page to page, with other areas that of the page that could easily be edited by a content contributor?
A: Yes, to repurpose content you could use Site Builder’s feature boxes, which are customizable per entire site, or per individual page.  You could also use XHTML blocks, which are static snipits of XHTML that can be plugged into any region of your template.  See more information on blocks.

Q: I currently maintain a local version of our site so that I can make changes and check them out before publishing. Webtest does the same thing but allows us additional flexibility since it has a URL administrators or other stakeholders could look at it before we go live.  Is this possible using the WCMS?
A: Yes, the WCMS allows you to render/preview pages before publishing them out. You can also publish pages to Webtest so they have a corresponding URL.

Q: Can I use .htaccess to restrict access to specific folders, like I do on Webserve?
A: Yes, you can create an .htaccess page asset in the WCMS and then publish the .htaccess to your Webserve site.  You can also use the WCMS directly to manage permissions and groups and restrict access as necessary.  See more information on access rights.

Q: If we decide to use WCMS, could we still use newsroom to populate our directories?
A: Yes, newsroom uses PHP code which can be included in the WCMS and published.  You will not see the results until you have published it out to a server that supports PHP (i.e. Webserve, or Webtest).

Q: If I know HTML, CSS, some basic Dreamweaver editing, and understand XML in principle, how much of a challenge will it be for me to make the transition to WCMS and Site Builder?
A: Site Builder comes pre-packaged with the necessary templates and stylesheets. XML and XSLT will become necessary if you plan on modifying the template or stylesheets, but is not needed for basic content editing.  See Using Site Builder and the Migration guide.

Q: We use Javascript code called spamspan to create e-mail links because it adds extra coding to avoid  bots. Does Site Builder recognize this tool, or have an alternative?
A: Yes, The WCMS does support/render Javascript, so this will work.

Q: I am new to WCMS where do I get started and learn more?
A: You can learn more on the below pages:

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