Roles and Access


A User is an individual who uses the WCMS. They access the WCMS over the IU VPN or through the campus network. They authenticate through IU Login using their personal credentials when accessing the WCMS. A User leaves an audit trail in the WCMS.


A Group consists of one or more users with common permissions. Permissions are Roles and Access Rights (ACL).


A Role defines the ability for a user or group to perform actions or functions in the WCMS. For instance, a Site Manager role gives you the ability to edit access to assets like pages. A Site Contributor role gives you the ability to move and rename assets.

There are two types of Roles: System Roles and Site Roles. A System Role defines functions at a system-wide level, beyond your single site. A Site Role defines functions within a specific site. For instance, the WCMS Administrators are the only users with the System Role of Administrator.

Access Rights (ACL)

Access Rights, or ACLs, control what assets are visible to a user or group. You can edit the access for a single asset, or you can edit the access for the contents of one or more directories.

Site Roles

There are four Site Roles: Manager, Publisher, Approver, and Contributor. You can assign a group to a Site Role by using the WCMS Manager Tools on the WCMS Website.

A Site Manager is the only one that can access the manage site area and access the Manager Tools on the WCMS website. Site Managers are the only role that can change access to an asset. Site Publishers can publish assets. Site Approvers can approve and assign workflows. Site Contributors can create, edit, move, and rename assets.

Permissions for Site Roles are cascading. This means a user in a group with the Site Manager Role does not have to add themselves to a group with the Site Contributor Role, because a Site Manager can do everything a Site Contributor can do.

Site ManagerSite PublisherSite ApproverSite Contributor
Access Manage Site AreaX
Access Manager ToolsX
Change ACLX
Publish AssetsXX
Approve & Assign WorkflowsXXX
Create and Edit AssetsXXXX
Move and Rename AssetsXXXX